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    Judgement 6/6 MSV begining HOF Monday Seeking more motivated adult players.


    We are an all adult low drama progression raiding guild located on Antonidas server. Our realm time is PST. We have been an active raiding guild for over six years, always changing our format and cycling in the best players for the job on each tier. We continue to stay one of the top guilds on our sever never droping below top 20.

    Cataclysm was our first full clear so to speak. We are one of only nine alliance guilds on our server to legitimatly clear the heroic content while it was still relavant prior to the MOP talents being released.

    Here is the problem...............................

    We got a taste of what it is like to be amoung those players who complete all the end content prior to it becoming irrelavant and a number of us would like to advance to the point of completing heroic content even earlier in each upcoming expansion.

    To do this we feel that we need to be open to fresh blood.

    What we are looking for is players who are not satisfied with regular content, players who are not happy until they find ways to exceed the numbers that thier gear is designed to produce. We are looking for a couple of truly epic players to join us as we progress through this and future tiers.

    Our current needs are two ranged dps that can regularly exceed 70k dps while moving, follow directions from the raid leader, have thick skins when receiving corrective critisizm, admit and correct thier mistakes or better yet just do not make them.

    We are not looking for rogues that killing spree into the pit on elegon, not once, but three times in a row.
    We are not looking for hunters that allow orbs to get to pillars on a regular basis and try to blame the person across the way.
    We are not looking for mages that blink away from the healer they get chained to on stone guardians.
    We are not looking for dk tanks that implode upon contact with any boss for no apperant reason.

    The list could go on, but I think you may have already gotten the point.

    We are looking for solid dependable adult players with the drive to push through and conquer all heroic content prior to the next regular content being released.

    Raid times are

    Group 1: 4-8pm PST weeknights
    Group 2: 8-11pm PST weeknights
    Group 3: 10am-1pm PST sat-sun

    This could be you.


    RID [email protected] to discuss options for your transfer.

    Till then Great raiding to you.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    Any specific class needs? A spriest/shaman friend and I (mage) are looking for a new server and hoping to keep raiding together. Roughly 483 ilevel each, the alt (shaman) is lower but he's very good on him.

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