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    Pandaren Monk Adlian's Avatar
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    To be honest, No.. all of this panda stuff kinda bores me. And at some point there is pretty much nothing else to do except doing raids.

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    Mechagnome Zeglo's Avatar
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    Heck yes it is! I love WoW. So many different activities at this point - Pet battles, PvP, dungeons, quests, transmogrifying...I don't get bored anymore.

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    I'm having fun, so yes it is for me. I can't really get the urge to play Rift's new xpac that just game out this week, or GW2's new event that starts today.
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    I've only got two gripes so far:

    1) I really don't like the LFR loot system. Now before you tell me something like, "If ya don't like LFR, than don't do it," understand that LFR is the only kind of "raiding" I get to do anymore do to real life obligations. Maybe my luck is just really awful, but in the month that I've been doing LFR, I have gotten ONE piece. I know a lot of people are gonna say RNG is RNG or cite the fact that people would hold loot hostage with the old system, but I was able to gear up two toons in DS-LFR in the amount of time its taken me to get ONE upgrade with this system.

    2) Dailies being the only way to increase Rep. I think they need to mix it up. Give us the option to grind out Rep in Heroics too. Maybe at Honored you get a Tabard that gives you faction points per monster killed like in WRATH. Not saying they shouldn't have dailies, I'd just like to have the option to break up the monotony a bit.

    Other than those two things, I'm loving MOP. The world, the lore, the classes, the dungeons, all of it is interesting and fun!
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    Sure it is. Especially if you play it with the right people. But of course YMMV.
    I suppose it is starting to lose out though. I'm pretty sure that if certain people dropped from my guild it'd damage my having fun of the game. I'd likely only sub to do LFR of new tiers, check out other content and perhaps a couple of months and then head out again. But I digress.

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    Legendary! TJ's Avatar
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    Was having fun until I wanted to start doing arena and I didn't have anyone who I could play with properly, just waiting for my mate to buy the game and then I should be playing a lot

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    I have fun with my friends, other than that not really though.

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