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    Like so many have said, just stand up for yourself. You can only be bullied when you allow yourself to be. People will always persue the path of least resistance, as long has it isn't you anymore you won't have anything to stress about. Also make sure you contact the cops if the brother does step in, he may be stupid, but jail time comes across pretty clear to most people.

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    Ignore them completely, I'd say. Don't meet any of their 'demands', don't talk to the brats in real life or online or whatever. They won't do anything, they're called 'pussies', hence why they threaten you with big brother (who probably has no idea any of this is even going on and wouldn't give a shit if he did) and they probably don't dare heckle you at school unless the other pussy is there. Don't become one of them. Be your own man and stand your ground, but for the most part, I see no reason why you would have to interact with them. Deal with it your own way, but you're going to encounter people like those to some degree throughout all your life, and you are going to need to figure out how to deal with in a way that suits your personality, not someone else's.

    But what I suggested is pretty much what I did when I got bullied by people in high school 3 years older than me, I just ignored them and didn't let them bother me anymore, I didn't let them think I was afraid of them, because in truth I wasn't. This will ultimately work probably 90% of the time. You really shouldn't have to do anything else (this includes falling to their level and being a twit right back to them-don't do that). But there are plenty of suggestions here, do whatever you like.

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    Google "I don't give a fuck" display images, proceed to act like images to the idiots.

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    A 22 year old guy won't hit a 14 year old.

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    In case you live in Stockholm, Sweden, and you want a grown up to talk to them (incl. the 22yo), just let me know. If I can't personally help, I have friends and contacts who probably can (social workers, a counselor (kurator), a lawyer, to mention a few) since they owe me one, but outside of Stockholm my options are limited. Though a heads up. I will make sure that the boys will get a proper chance to explain their behavior, so if there's something you're trying to hide (it's the Internet after all), I might not be your ideal choice. But if this is the one-sided, bully-type scenario that you paint up, I will do what I can to help, including talking to their parents and make them understand the severity of the situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by slozon View Post
    I'm assuming you are a minor. If so don't worry about it. If this does happen their brother would go to jail for assault on a minor. I doubt he would be that dumb. (never know though)
    Quote Originally Posted by Demidov View Post
    A 22 year old guy won't hit a 14 year old.
    ^Some people need to get out and experience the real world, and I don't mean it in a condescending way. Anything that is physically possible can, will, and probably already has happened. To quote Einstein; "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former". Amazement in the real world is when you time and again discover how daft people are; not how wondrous the world around you truly is.

    Throughout your life, human stupidity is your biggest source of amazement. You may quote me on it.
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    Go throw some goons in your town some cash to beat them up and their brother. Send them a nice little message for a cheap price and your hands stay nice and clean.

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    thought they literaly wanted to fuck u first time i read it=P

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    Do not let yourself get fucked with.

    Btw, muscles say nothing about a persons ability to fight, that brother is probably a goon.

    Use your brains, knowledge is power.

    Don't be a victim anymore, so let his brother hit you, what do you care?

    You report him to the police and that's that, he gets in major trouble.

    Oh and report those 2 guys too.

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    OP where do you live? If it's somewhere in the Netherlands I can come and give you a good hand.

    Either way, you could try to post this story on Reddit, maybe it will become popular and people will fuck them over via the internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demidov View Post
    A 22 year old guy won't hit a 14 year old.
    I wouldn't admire myself if that happened.

    A 22 year old could even hit a younger person than 14 if he/she was in some kind of rage, it's possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    A 22 year old could even hit a younger person than 14 if he/she was in some kind of rage, it's possible.
    Yeah, like Kevin Garnet: "Anything is possible!!!"
    "The Maw's thirst is unquenchable. If it is not fed fresh victims, it will not hesitate to drink from its wielder instead."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Stop focusing so much on the videos, there's way more to it than just some dislikes.

    And yeah, good luck ignoring bullies that'll harass you no matter what.
    Apathy does wonders if you actually follow it and don't give in.

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