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    [WW] Does WW mastery proc Tigereye Brew?

    I'm curious as to when I dps, if a Mastery Procced Blackout Kick or Tiger Palm gives a stack of Tigereye Brew.

    I searched on forums and I didn't see anything about it.

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    The Patient
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    it does, :-)

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    Indeed it does :P

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    I'm not sure.

    For me it seems like the Blackout Kick gives TB stack, but not the tiger palm one, even if i get 2 in a row right after using RSK or BK then it dosnt give stack (= 4 chi spend).
    But when i get 1x Blackout kick proc and use right before or after another BK or RSK then it tricker the TB buff, so it's seems like either a bug or something.

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    BoK Combos do, TPs do not. It's been this way since beta, and it might be a bug but who the hell knows.

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