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    If they both buff rogues and follw through with the nerfs to the other classes, we are going to have a huge shift in overall class power, with rogues coming out ontop.
    You mean like how they massively nerfed rogues and buffed everyone else in beta made a massive shift? Blizzard messed up hard in beta and they probably won't fix it until 6.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muchtoohigh View Post
    I don't know, probably for the same reasons Rogue's were also the least played class before the nerfs.
    Rogues were the least played class before the nerfs- but had adequate arena representation. Rogues now have trivial arena representation, far lower than their pop numbers would suggest.

    Rogues are broken in pvp right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evokanu View Post
    If you had a basic understanding of the class you'd know the class was fairly difficult to play even in cata at higher levels, you had to knew what you where doing if you wanted to go higher with it even during season 11.
    I have more than a basic understanding of the class. It had a very high skill ceiling, but that did not make it difficult to play the class in general.

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