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wtb buff to chimera and aimed shot damage
This...so.....much......THIS. Steady too while they are at it......hell just remove the steady focus buff and it makes MM a lot more fun to play and still leaves it with a different playstyle (with CA phase and aimed shot spamming under lust/rapid fire).

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Don't see hunters being fun or viable at all for a while. Last expansion we were the counter to mage teams and a skilled hunter could kite melee cleaves really well with conc gylph and entrapment, now our pets will either be permanently peeled as BM or we will die in a random deep freeze because we have no defensive utility as MM. Not looking good at the moment. Also, goodluck effectively kiting a warrior or feral druid, rofl.
We must have been playing a different expansion in Cata, because IIRC hunters were complete ass on Cata. I'm not counting the very brief period where aimed shot hit for an absurd amount because it was nerfed swiftly. PvP was horrible in Cata because hunters had no damage and had to be carried by other classes. We had to abuse pet/dismiss pet mechanics to even be remotely useful. I got to 23xx in the second season and quit for the entire expansion after that because hunters were just terrible. A good mage was not going to let you do anything to him/her (not like you could anyways). And it has been quite hard to kite a GOOD feral and/or warrior for quite some time now (since the beginning of Cata).