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    Umm Bio seems to have dropped the ball here...

    Alright first off I just want to say I am here mostly because Bio wont let me post on the game website for apparently not being subbed.

    Now I was happy and thrilled that I would finally be able to ply swtor again. I missed it and I enjoyed the stories. Now it was my impression that when they announced the whole Cartel Coins thing that me being a formed subbed player I would be reciving a few coins to spend as I pleased. I logged on all excited to play again and I discovered that no coins were given and that to receive any of them I need to re-sub. That kinda pissed me off cuz no where did it say you need to be subbed to get any besides the ones the give you monthly.

    Second thing I discovered all my titles (some I worked very hard to obtain) are all locked away and unable to be used as a F2P or pay with said cartel coins i never received. Now that was a harsh blow and one i was able to deal with until I started on an alt and began it's missions once more. Fished a mission I never turned in and BAM!!! "Being f2p you will receive REDUCED exp for this mission" Now that really pushed me over the edge.

    I can totally understan the limited characters per server. Totally cool with the limited GTN slots since I hardly sold anything. But honestly limiting exp gains and taking away some of the coolest rewards in game? Honestly I was just pissed about the limited flash points seeing as so much of the game story happens within them. I could care less about Ops and so I was fine.

    Anyways I'm done ranting and venting here. If only I could post on their forums to get a response from Bio but alas they took that away from me as well.

    Thank you all who read this.

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    bioware never had control of SWTOR in any shape or form, it's all EA's baby

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    As much as I don't want to, I am going to have to close this thread. All the comments from here on out will be painting SWTOR in a negative light and I am sure you understand that is not constructive for these subforms. I would link existing threads that this could actually be posted in (assuming you still want to let out more frustrations) but the first page has plenty of different F2P threads. Again, nothing against you! I understand your frustrations with the recent changes but a thread dedicated to that will only end in more negativity.

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