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    [A] <Manifest Destiny> 5/1/0 HC 16/16 normal 10 man 2-day Raiding Guild

    Manifest Destiny is a 2 day, 10 man raiding guild on the Outland Realm

    Below you can view our progression more in-depth:


    We are raiding 2 days a week. Wednesday and Sunday. When we're close to a new kill, a raid may be added to get the boss down in the same reset. That raid will either happen Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Even though those raids are not mandatory, we would appreciate it if you can show up.

    Raiding times are as follows: 19:00 to 23:30h server time (CET).

    We are in no way a top raiding guild, but in the limited hours we raid we do have a serious/focused attitude to make the progression a enjoyable experience for everyone.

    Manifest Destiny is home to players that have extensive raiding experience, and have successfully been part of top-end raiding guilds in the past.

    What we ask from you is to have heroic raiding experience, be competent in knowing heroic tactics for the latest upcoming content in Mists of Pandaria and a good understanding of your class/role/spec. We want all members to have a reasonable understanding of English (listening and speaking). Having a working microphone and being willing to communicate is mandatory.

    We have a high focus on reliability and motivation of players. We have a small roster and expect people in this roster to have very high to perfect attendance. Gear is not a major concern to a certain point as long as you are able to show you know your class to a good standard. We are looking for long term, dedicated players.

    We won't tolerate people that are showing up late for raids, afk-ing (especially unannounced) and other slacking issues. So basically a high demand for people with a reasonable amount of respect for other people and people's time. We do not raid a lot, but while we do we want to achieve appropriate progression. If you feel like this, then please apply!

    Apply at:

    Or contact one of the following officers in-game for more information -

    Rambostalone (GM), Qiciste, Rhyan or Repac

    Exceptional applications of all classes will be considered.

    For the relevant WoW thread:

    Battle tags:
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    Need some exceptional Ranged DPS and a Monk/Shaman Healer!

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    What, bring up my post?!

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    No longer in need of a healer, ranged DPS porfavor!

    We are also now 5/6.

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    How can I update the title? Now 15/16 normal (haven't started progressing Sha yet, 3/4 with Elite was 3 hours of trouble), starting to progress Gara'jal on Sunday, could use a possible tank (DK, Pala, Monk) and ranged DPS!

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    After an amazing raid and 3 (!) new boss kills we are now 4/6 HC and 16/16 Normal. We still need some ranged dps and possibly a healer.

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    Mage/Hunter for our raiding team!

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    Now also 1/6 HC in HoF:

    Medium priority on Ranged DPS. Exceptional applicants will always be considered.

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    5/6 HC. A good ranged DPS will be considered, as well as an exceptional Blood DK.

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