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    Just started playing D3 again, beat Inferno and am Paragon level 3. Is there a more challenging mode now. Can I make it harder?

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    Options -> Gameplay Options -> Monster Power

    It lets you set the "power" of the monsters, very much like typing "Players 8" in Diablo 2. It gives monsters increased HP, damage, while giving you increased magic/gold find, and increased chance for monsters to drop items:

    You'll want to gear up a bit before taking on MP level 1, and if you find it easy, move up a level, etc. You should farm MP1 though, because it makes all monsters level 63, giving them higher chances of dropping ilvl 62/63 items.
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    So I cannot public quest MP1?

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    So I cannot public quest MP1?
    Nope, public games have no MP. Only MP games when you're invited, or invite someone, you're able to play with others at MP1-10.
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