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    Need help to delete this game out of my life

    Hello, mmo-guys!
    Its pretty hard to admit something like that, especially considering I've been playing online games since I was 12, but I'm really addicted to this special game. It wouldnt be bad if it was just a farm mmorpg, where you can grind safely, socialize, learn smt, but yea, I don't have to tell you what LoL is. The worst part is that is that it really effects my social life; and my career as a dancer. I really can't do this anymore. Simply deleting isn't enough, I tried, but will always come back spending countless of hours ... raging. Simply as that. I don't even have fun anymore. It just became a constant hunt of trying to get a team that wouldn't fail. But this must end now.

    I really couldn't find a solution to that, thus I came here. What I'm looking for is like a program ban or something like that.

    Every help is vastly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I think your problem lies deeper than you can imagine. All I'll say is, addictive behavior leads to even more dangerous addictive behavior.

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    tbh if you're REALLY set on quitting then try contacting Riot, see if they can shut your account down, maybe the loss of your account would be the 'shove' you need to get you out of the cycle?
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    Could try it, but I don't think it would help, since I was thinking about smurfing anyway. Also, there's PBE. But, thank you.

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    My brother has become quite obsesses wit LoL at times, it got so bad that I would talk to hi and he wouldn't even look at me or respond, he skipped dinners, stayed till like 8m and woke at about 6pm and he raged all night often waking the family.

    In the end we all had an argument with him which opened him up and then we had a serious chat about how it's affecting us as a family.

    He still plays it but only about an hour or so a day.

    I think you need to have a break, Internet is after all not needed, unplug it and put it away for a week, in that time try and fill your time with something else more pro-active? I see you like dancing, that's great you should persue it.

    If your adamant you want to quit forever try changing the password to your account to something random like hfftkusdku so you'll never remember, do everything you can and change all you can to make it hard to reset you pass?

    Anyways good luck, people need to remember everything is fine in moderation

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    Talk with an addictions counsellor would be my 2 cents in the matter . If you wanted a program ban the easiest is just change the password to something random (like smash out the max of characters in notepad , copy/paste that as the new password). True you can just say forgot password but if you are doing that .. then see my first piece of advice .

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    If you're trying to quit playing the game, don't try to do it all at once. Try to make yourself play a little less each day, with the goal of either stopping or just playing a reasonable amount per day. You have mentioned that you have tried to get off of it several times just by deleting it, but you always came back. So, time yourself or something. If you're playing in excess, try to make it say an hour less. Then go from there. If it's to the point where you are potentially jeopardizing your job/studies you could possibly contact riot and ask them to delete your account. I honestly don't know if they do that though. But if you did that you would likely go into withdrawl and create a smurf account. Not trying to judge you here, but if you are truly addicted, then it would probably happen.

    As others have said, all things in moderation. If you try to quit cold turkey you are more than likely going to fail. Set yourself reasonable goals. That's the only advice I have to give you. Good luck.

    edit: forgot to mention this. Make sure you let the people you are close to know that you are trying to stop an addiction. Support from people that matter to you is perhaps the most important thing you can have.
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    Gonna say it a bit tongue-in-cheek way, but any possibility you could ease a bit with the old prussian mentality (username indication, german maybe?); try for once to play for FUN. If you dont have your aim in pro LoL career, fighting to be the best of the best, world championship etc, why take it so goddamn serious then? Put that "serious" energy into your dancing career which you mentioned. Train and hone that part of your life and hobby to the max, to the top; not the offtime entertainment pressure.

    We know the good ol prussian way = strict perfectionism, but throw that out of the window and youll little by little notice a change. Trust me.

    EDIT: Like some people say; todays world is too much about instant perfection. Allow yourself and to some degree others too to FAIL from time to time. What new can a man learn by doing everything the same way everytime, the same "right" way. Variety disappeares or actually never shows its face...
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    Since you've realized it's a problem to you you've already come a long way, but don't expect to be able to completely drop it just like that. Allow yourself to play some but keep reminding yourself there are other things you could do, or try to put your gaming on a schedule.

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    Honestly, stop worrying about it and just play whenever you feel like. Just sit back and relax and play some normals. Don't play ranked because that's an indication of skill and people get serious about that. Whenever you have to practice your dancing or do something else just get up and don't play, sounds hard but honestly I had to do exactly that. When you take it like it's the be all and end all, you're going to get addicted, it's not... It's just a way to pass time when waiting to do something else. It's not real life, it's fun and fun has it's place.
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    You're addicted, seek professional help or therapy is my advice. Seems like you'd benefit from behavioral therapy since it is a behavior that appears to be your problem.
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    Queue for a game, pick Darius and call solo top, build lotsa boots, go 0/87, blame the rest of your team for your problems, call them Brazilians and say HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE and toss in a few obscenities.

    Repeat until perma-banned.

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