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    High Warlord's battlegear matching belt?

    Is this even in the game as an item? I can't remember that long ago. I have the rest of the set trans'd but i forget if there was an actual belt that matched this set. A model for it did exist because it's in this picture and some npc's have it on.

    I've looked online and can't find any info on it; any incite would help thanks!

    Softbottom <Game Over>

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    The belt is unobtainable/was never obtainable. I really wish blizz would introduce matching belts for old pvp and elite arena sets.
    Here's a list of all plate belts obtainable for warriors -> http://www.icy-veins.com/transmogrif...model-list-wow

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    Yea I didn't think it was I just wanted to double check. I'm using brilliant saronite belt, it seems to match somewhat :/ thanks for the website also

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