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    [A] <Anatomy> 6/6, 6/6, 1/4 Recruiting DPS For 10 man core team

    Hi all,

    Anatomy is a friendly and fun level 25 guild built on a core that has been raiding together on Proudmoore (not technically an Oceanic server I know but we're an Oceanic timezone guild) since ICC. We're currently recruiting for the following:

    • 1 x Hunter


    • 1 x Fury Warrior or DK
    • 1 x Mage, Hunter, Boomkin, Warlock, or Shadow Priest. In order of preference.

    We're a 10 man guild consisting of a half/half split of Australian east coast members and US night owls.

    We raid from 12AM-4AM server time Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. These times work nicely for Aus East coast being a 7pm raid start time on Mon, Wed, Thur.

    Our ideal recruit doesn't need to be super geared or have cleared all the content, just show a willingness to learn, deep knowledge of your class, and be enthusiastic about seeing and killing the content as quickly as you can. That being said though, such a person would also likely have around a 474 or greater ilvl.

    Trials can start immediately.

    Contact myself, Symmetry, Wraithreaper, Tarj or anyone from Anatomy you see online for more info.

    Our website has more info about us and can be found at http://www.anatomyguild.com
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    looking for someone to clear farm content this lockout, starting 5 December.

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