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    PvP is balanced around 3v3

    Sooo, Blizzard claims their PvP is based around 3v3. I just watched a match of the Blizzard tournament of a Warlock, a Shadow Priest, and a Shaman vs a Warlock, Enhance Shaman, and another Shaman. Not a single person died and the match timed out. There were a "couple of close calls" but oh wait nvm, back to full health. Constantly OOM on the entire team but still dont die. So i ask, where is the balance? Is it because nobody died mean its balanced since im assuming it was equal skill levels of the players?
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    yes, they are so good and matched in skill that they cant pull off a kill, so it comes down to clutch moments to get a kill and sometimes those moments just dont happen

    id take a longer game over under a min kill any day

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