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    Question Battle.net 2012 world championship discussion

    This event is just terrible overall. Don't get me wrong, I WANT Blizzard to do more esports/events like this, but there's too many problems that shouldn't happen. It's almost like they're doing this event with "china-made" technology.

    `Too many Tech problems that shouldn't happen.
    `Commentators stutter and pause when they don't know what they're talking about.
    `Game PoV is 360p AND no view of HP/BOSS hp.
    `Massive delays between matches.
    `Near zero subtitles
    `Audio is terrible
    `Scoring/game text hard to read @ 720p+-
    `Matches being skipped/played off stream.
    `Scoring system is outdated.
    `Prize pool is low compared to "other" games.

    `I haven't seen the SCII matches, but I'd assume they're going well.

    What are your guys thoughts on how the championship is going so far?
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    arena championship stream seems to be bad joke...pretty much like pvp this season^^

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    Let's keep all of the discussion about this in one thread, this one:


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