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    Quote Originally Posted by creb99 View Post
    I am Arms specced and at the moment the best gear I have is the crafted PvP set (I have not done any dungeons yet).

    I find some of the final elite bosses from the Golden Lotus dailies quite difficult to kill. Some are easier than others, but today I just could not kill Cracklefang. His AoE thingie takes about half my HP away every time it catches me.

    I also find it impossible to kill most of the rares out in the world.

    Is anybody else having problems with elites as Arms specced warriors or do I just not press enough buttons? I am considering going Prot, but then it would take me an hour longer to finish the dailies.
    Avoid stuff. Seriously, if you are having problems with almost ALL elites out there, you need to learn whats bad, and how to move out of it. Going Prot wont help.
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    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    there's always heroic leap if you really need to get out of something.

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    all rares are easy as fuck. just dodge all the bad stuff. stun the creepy stuff (charge, shockwave), e.g. the pandaren whirl.
    get second wind for the rares, sit at 35% hp and kill stuff.

    the only real creepy stuff are the mantid (or what ever they are called), because they have TWO insta kill abilities, the blade flurry AND the tornadoes hit like trucks in your face.

    oh and keep your interrupts ready. some things NEED to be interrupted in order to even think about killing them.

    clear area of possible adds. I learned, that most times when I died on rares, it was either some pvp action or some adds I didn't kill before I attempted the rare. Or I didn't pay attention.

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