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    Yes I am very bad right now.

    Lmao @OP
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    She didnt hold it at max lock for long enough for me to care.

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    Someone is lifting some weights? Why should I be impressed...
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    Being certified by the NSCA as a CSCS-D, her coach needs to be fired. Her form on push-ups is terrible, but that can be lived with. Her clean and jerk technique is terrible. Her front squat form is terrible, and she should not be using that much weight. I want to see a follow up video a few months from now about how this girl seriously hurt herself doing one of these two lifts.

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    Looks like she's been doing her bum busters.

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    um who cares?

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    Pretty sure most girls can't do that either, so not really sure why she is going for the "most guys can't do this" thing.

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    3:05....practice jerking off the only guy man enough for her.

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    besides the "who cares" responses(which i agree with), but everyone else saying i can do this blah blah, if you put it in body weight percentages you probably, most likely, cannot do what she is doing. and to the guys that said "dat ass" god damn! thats a thing of beauty!!!!! suprised no one mentioned her rack, cuz she is either wearing the worlds greatest pushup sports bra, or she is gifted in many ways.

    and her form for most of the exercises didnt get too bad till the weight got extreme.
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    Why the feck is her face orange? While playing wow for 7 years did I miss creation of a new race or what?
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    I really dont give a shit about the video itself, but oh my god what did they do to RHCP's Snow?! Jesus im so fucking mad right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asphyxes View Post
    Taco dinner, movie at my mancave then I'll surprise her with a TCG tabard and tell her I love her.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    my gf left me, should i Just go gay?
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    Hehe... Put a video in the web to show how fit you are and receive 50% of the comments with "dat ass"

    But really nice for a girl, considering if I've seen her on the street the last thing I'd thik bout her is that she lifts weights. Damn, she nearly got 65, that needs some training.

    By the way, Dat Ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    Couple of things. Yes I am jealous.

    Though, she is impressive. She has been doing this since a toddler or very young(6-8 ish range). She looks to be nearly a world class Gymnast. Look at that Gym. You think you just get memberships to a Gym like that? That is a privately owned and invite only.

    No roids, I doubt it. Just an athletic, nearly world class, gymnast.

    I wish I kept my 17 year old body and improved on it. God, I wouldn't even be able to wipe my ass, if I did that.
    Looks like any regular crossfit gym to me.
    World Class Gymnast? Not even close (judging by what was in the video only). Her back handsprings (?) are nothing to what level 8-9 12 year old gymnasts can do. If you really wanted to shame us then you should have linked those young level 8s or better yet, the 14 year old jr nationals gymnasts. Undoubtedly stronger than anyone here by mileeessss pound for pound and make me depressed seeing how strong they are.

    Her lifts for her weight put her at an "intermediate" lifting stage at best if you wanna call it that in relation to the general public. Definitely attainable by anyone as long as they actually eat/lift right for a few years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    No you can't. Muscle ups? You can't do muscle ups.
    You mean the kip-ups where your legs do all the work which crossfitters seem to love? I'd bet that if you (YES YOU Jokerfiend or anyone for that matter) are of the average strength/size/weight for your gender you could do those too in a few months without an extremely strict diet/lifting schedule and just casually working out. But strict muscle ups are an entirely different beast and actually require a certain level of strength and a bit of proper technique to do, the ones she did are just another form of cardio.

    I am impressed though cause there's like only 3 girls I've ever seen do the big 3 at any of my uni's gyms. Kudos to her for actually moving weight instead of just standing around like most guys/girls do but should work on form for her sake or she's just gonna get injured in a few months.
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    Is she chewing gum? If she is, dumb bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPOONMONKEYDROID84 View Post
    ill pass, i like girly girls
    pretty much this

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkydark View Post
    Why the feck is her face orange? While playing wow for 7 years did I miss creation of a new race or what?
    Artificial sun - there are quite a few girls in Norway that have near orange skin like that thanks to those damned sun tan parlors. Worst are the ones that seem to be under the impression that bleeched white/blond hair accompanied by a near orange artificial sun tan is good looking. It looks bad on pictures and videos... but it's even worse once you see them in person.
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    That's all I have to say after watching the video in the first post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystile View Post
    I agree.
    You and the guy who called Proberly a pedo...

    Could you explain how he is being one? She is freaking 17. It's not like it's some 9 year old or something..

    and she is way too old for Pedobear.

    Not trying to start something, but it's just a huge pet peeve when someone calls someone a pedo for saying a 17 year old is hot..or when they misuse the pedobear meme...

    on topic.. meh

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    good for her

    why is she exaggerating her chews of her gum?

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    Broken sammich-maker, sorry... Doesn't make me look bad at all + all those lifts must be incredible healthy for a woman, way to go.

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