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    AirMech (non lfm version)

    Looking to just discuss this game with people who are playing it. It is currently open beta and will be Free to play with micro transactions. I just started this game a couple days ago after seeing a review for it. You can play it on steam or in Google Chrome. Its like a mix of a MOBA and a RTS. You control a champion unit and there are several different ones. They can switch between ground and air types. You can make units and position them around the map and give them orders. You want to capture bases and eventually destroy the enemy one. Want to hear opinions from those who have been playing and what they think of the possibilites of this game moving forward. It already has a spectate mode so if it catches on I could see this maybe having a smaller esport market.

    Total Biscuit Review

    More focus on the actual gameplay here

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    I tried it last night and it is a pretty fun game. It looks like they based it on Herzog Zwei from the sega genesis. This game seems easy to learn but hard to master. I spectated on a game of advanced players and the skill level required for such fast paced micromanagement is high.

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