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    new animation for mindbender???

    so I'm in my farm killing the birds and pop my mindbender and holy cow it looks like a little Sha. Totally awesome!!

    Did I miss something somewhere about this change?

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    EDITED: Some people that are smarter than me had it right.
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    If you have a sha-touched weapon, your shadowfiend will be a sha.

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    grats on the sha touched weapon

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    it's only the mace, not all sha touched weapons :< sadly rocking the leishi staff here
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    lol this is awesome...I just got the weapon last night and spent the day on alts lol. thanks for the fast replies = )

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    Kri'tak it's effin' SICK.

    Hope the Sha-Touch 'upgrades' to a legendary so I have that thing the whole x-pac

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