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    Flying Thunder God Yi ( Some funny facts and news )

    Yesterday I decided to play on PBE to test the new items and masteries. I pretty much loved everything. So I recently started using Revive even in Normals on EUW and I decided to go with Exhaust + Revive on Yi. I bought the Homeguard boots upgrade and a Phantom Dancer ( only listing mvm speed items, not my IE or BT ). There was a 5v5 teamfight at the enemy's second mid turret. Here is the what happened:

    1. People started dying. The game started announcing it. I died third or fourth.
    2. Revived. Ulted. I instantly reached the enemy base.
    3. I one-shotted the 500 HP manaless Ahri.
    4. The game announced my death.
    5. The game announced my Double Kill.

    Homeguard boots give 200% movement speed for 12 sec and it decays, this is after you step into the spawning pool. Revive 125%, and my R 40%. With Phantom Dancer I get 5% and can ignore unit collision ( FUCK YEAH BEST CHANGE EVER ).

    Just feld obligated to let others know how fun this could be After that in another game ( custom ) I invited a friend to Zilly the time for me. He also bought a Shurelya and I also bought Youmo and some other movement speed items. I flew with 5000+ movement speed and I couldn't even activated all of my abilities at once.

    Thanks for reading

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    This sound like they wanted Dunkmaster Yi to be an actual thing.

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    Oh I forgot to mention the best part

    Enemy Team shouting to Ahri: OMG PUSH MID PUSH!!!!!!! we aced them push!
    Ahri: ok ok!
    xD Funny how they didnt expect this coming.

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    Do love the phantom dancer change <3 just noticed it last night.

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    That's pretty hilarious.

    You should add a Zephyr to that build if you haven't already. God I love that item.

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    Oh god, can you imagine Hecarim with all that movement speed + Shureliya's, ghost, Ghostblade and Mercurial o.O
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    This sound like similar problem I faced on Exodar. You should consult O'ros. O'ros know best for you. Female is tricky subject.

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