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    Best Horde Questing Zones, Story Wise?

    So, I'm doing something I swore I'd never do - leveling a Horde toon for a RL friend.

    However, as I'm already done with Loremaster (aside from Pandaria) on the Alliance standpoint, I'd like to know.

    A question for the Horde: Story wise for the zone, what zones did you find most intriguing, or just had a good overall story to you?

    Referring to pre-cata zones, btw. :P

    I should note, I already leveled a pandaren to level 20 through Silverpine. xD
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    Other than ghostlands nothing really sticks out from pre-cata. Post-cata a lot does and not just because it was more recent.

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    Take an undead from the starting zone through to the first half of Hillsbrad, best questing in the game imho. The storyline starts at level 1 so you miss a wee bit if you take another race to Brill to level there.

    I thought the horde start of Jade Forest was a lot better than the alliance version.

    Goblin start zone is fun if you like that sort of thing.

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    For me it was definitelly new Stonetalon Mountains

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    Pre cata, none of the zones was really good. Ghostlands probably the best, but even that sucks compared to the new ones.

    Post cata however...

    The Silverpine -> Hillsbrad Story is awesome, Stonetalon is pretty sweet, Battle for Andorhal from a Horde point is also quite nice. Echo Isle (Troll Starting area) also has a nice story, imo - Durotar then is not that great.

    I haven't questeds through all zones completly, but I guess that are the most ones which have a good story (aside from those who are open to both factions, like the Plaguelands).

    If you want later zones, Borean Tundra and Dragonblight are also quite good. I didn't like Howling Fjord that much. As for TBC zones, they don't stand out that much, but some of the larger questlines in Nagrand are pretty good.

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    Stonetalon was amazing. Southern Barrens was fantastic too.

    Notable mentions include Silverpine, West Plaguelands, Swamp of Sorrows (Stonard chain) and Horde side Jade Forest.

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    Pre-Cata zones....they kinda sucked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haros View Post
    Other than ghostlands nothing really sticks out from pre-cata. Post-cata a lot does and not just because it was more recent.
    Yeah, I really enjoyed the blood elf starting zone. It's incredibly satisfying to finally dish out some justice to Dar'Khan at the end of the chain. Little traitor had it coming. Plus, there's lots of interesting little bits like dealing with night elf saboteurs on the coast and finding Sylvanas' locket on her family's old estate (which then leads to her lovely rendition of Lament of the Highborne in UC).

    Most other quest chains that stick out to me pre-Cata are neutral, like helping the Drakkari Loa in Zul'Drak. I guess the quests in Grizzly Hills are pretty cool, dealing with the commander of the Horde base there and then the taunka quests are cool resulting in their swearing in to the Horde with you, the player, overseeing their taking of the Oath. I like the Forsaken quests in the Fjord too.

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    Off the top of my head i would have to say stonetalon mountains which has a really good payoff and the southern barrens quest is very good too

    Ashzara is one big gimmick and in jokes so if you are into that i would also recommend that

    Apart from them that the rest of the zones are just generic quest hubs with neutral NPCS that any faction could do and it would be the same

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    The entire starting experience from lvl 1 up to and including Hillsbrad Foothills as undead is one of the most awesome questing experiences there has ever been in the game in my opinion. Stonetalon Mountains was great as well. The Goblin starter zone is hilarious too, along with Azshara
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    ghostlands siverpine forest was awesome.. first discovering the worgens and still not knowing what they were.. tirisfal glades was neat.. same wtih the barrens and the lower barrens. hillsbradfoot hills was the bomb.. feeding the dog all the poison lmao.

    ashenvale was nice too and azshara was.. odd lol.

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    Silverpine, Hilsbrad, Stonetalon, STV, Blasted Lands, Burning Steppes, WPL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    I guess the quests in Grizzly Hills are pretty cool, dealing with the commander of the Horde base there and then the taunka quests are cool resulting in their swearing in to the Horde with you, the player, overseeing their taking of the Oath.
    IIRC, the Taunka joining the Horde was the first questline in the Dragonblight, and not in Grizzly Hills, but I may also be mistaken, been a longer time since I played that through.

    On topic though, I really like the Forsaken questlines that span multiple zones in the eastern Kingdoms, I was really disappointed when it ended abruptly as soon as you entered Arathi Highlands.
    Stonetalon Mts. are pretty cool, too, giving an insight into Garrosh's first steps as warchief, but also giving a true sense of what it means to be a part of Garrosh's Horde (the one we have now, back then even Garrosh refrained from using bombs).
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    For horde characters at ten I ALWAYS do silver pine forest, that's an awesome chain with some great events, and then always definitely on to hillsbrad, I love the progression in hillsbrad and the occasional comical quest, like the one where you become a quest giver.

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    I've leveled several blood elves, a couple trolls, and an orc and I have to say I always find myself wanting to go back to the orc starting area when I'm leveling a new character. I don't know what it is about them, but I found both areas of Barrens fun as well.

    For later levels I've always loved Nagrand and the early WotLK zones like Borean Tundra and Dragonblight were nice also.

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    start as a Undead (Lilian Voss chaine quests) --> silverpain Forest quests (a great story - Undead vs Wargens) --> Hillsbard foothills --> Stonetalon Mountains (Great Horde lore) --> Desolace --> West/East Plaguelands --> Badlands (Wrathion questlines) --> Searing G-> Burning Steppes --> Blasted Lands --> Outland->NR->Cata-> Pandaria

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    I quite liked new Azshara on my goblin too. Badlands are good.

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    The Forsaken Starting zones.
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    pre cata zones i didnt care too much for, but if i had to choose it would be stonetalon mountains, desolace (yea im crazy), the hinterlands, and probably stranglethorn vale.

    post cata id have to go with silverpine definately being a front runner although itd be a tough call with stonetalon mountains, also the barrens, southern barrens mostly but overall it was a good zone. hillsbrad foothills was good, and although the scenery didnt change much in felwood i felt like the streamlining of it deserves credit

    edit : i also feel like the blasted lands steamlining was good as well, and it did a good job of preparing you for some naga action in outlands (should you quest all the way thru outlands)

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    Azshara is awesome

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