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    DoC reforge question

    Hitted 90 2 days ago and im trying the DoC talent,
    isnt better to reforge hit/exp>mastery>crit>haste for DoC?
    i noticed that if i miss, i lose one stack of the buff.
    Also is this intended or bug?

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    hit/exp gives a more stable rotation, mastery as first prio will do higher dps when the stars align in your favor

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    I would'nt say when the stars align is when you would do more dps. Its more of a matter of how well you weave in your PS,HT and NS,HT into your rotation and keeping high uptime on those bleeds. And yes a miss will consume a charge of DoC. Your stat prios look good to me.

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    most top ferals are playing with hit cap and soft exp cap.

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    When using simulation craft stat scaling it will say Mastery->Crit->Hit/Exp cap->Haste

    You want to know that if you do this properly it will run the test 10 000 times and simulate a average dps through all dps tests.
    Some tests of our 10 000 times could possibly hit all spells and some test might even miss 20% of all spells if those spells where missed when a DoC stack was up it will be a major DPS lost.
    I'd say mastery is still very strong; So i'd generally say get mastery on all iteams through,
    the weakest stat then look for Hit/Exp reforge on iteams that has mastery as a base stat... Yes i do not have reforge like that currently but that is because i've tried different forges and been slacking to get them back.
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