Hey guys,

I wanted to add an extra aura to my shaman regarding Lava Burst. Right now I have "Action Usable" which works fine, but I would like something extra and I am not sure its possible using non custom code (Which I wouldn't know where to start with).

Basically I wanted the "Lava Burst" icon to show when the cooldown is equal or less than the remaining cast time on the current ability.
I know you can also set it to show if the cooldown is less than 1.5 seconds etc, but I would rather have something that would update itself with your haste and buffs, rather than me having to tweak the timer if its slightly out etc).

So basically I would like something like this for weak auras;
If (RemainingCastTime + "0.1") =< LavaBurstCD then show aura
0.1 is to tweak how much of a wait time when you have finished cast. I don't mind waiting 0.1 seconds for Lavaburst to come off of CD.

I know this is a lot to ask but there are some amazing people on these forums that probably know how to do this (Or atleast show me to an alternative). I did a search on google of course and I didn't quite find what I was looking for (or that I was happy with).

Thanks for reading and thanks for your help in advance!