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    I can confirm that armor does not affect the damage from the strikes, clothies and plates get hit equally hard.

    We run with the CC the three trappers tactic aswell, it's not an issue if people use some personals/get shielded on time.

    A question i currently have though (we're sitting at 3/6 HoF atm) is if Lei Shi or some other ToES bosses aren't easier on heroic then Amber Shaper and/or Vizier.

    (The current plan is to head for Vizier this reset but especially Amber hurts my head thinking about going there and wiping due to other people controlling constructs )

    Ow, i'm talking 10 man btw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dumble View Post
    Could you enlighten me to this "11% zoom back trick" please
    When you're in the final phase nuking the boss he flies off to the other side at 10%.

    If instead everyone jumps in the side streams (they are running down the side of the room) at around 12%-11% then they carry you (pretty fast if you run also) up the other end, no need to dodge any vortices. DoTs will bring the boss down to 10% and he will then fly over, now with you entire raid pretty much already waiting for him.

    Simples. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracodraco View Post
    I'm not convinced that armor mitigates the damage they do. My deterrence doesn't reflect it, and when I have deterrence up, they hit me for 60-70K or so. 160K*0.85=136K (aspect of the iron hawk), 153K*0.5=68K (deterrence 50% reduc). With my 35% reduc from armor, they shouldn't hit me for more than 50K, but I can assure you that they've never hit for less than 60.

    Regardless, as you say, there's pros and cons to both. I just don't see what the big deal about dealing with the trapper is, to be honest. It's not like you don't have enough space in 10 man to kite the resin, and you'll have far less melee to fuck up the amber prison. It's less tank damage, and you can line up 3 sets of recklessness buff to KO the boss, instead of just 2.
    You have around 2-3secs to react and use a CD, and thats plenty of time for a disc to bubble u... I just think removing the amber trappers from the fight completely makes it way easier, so its the tactic we'll be trying for sure. True u can line up all 3 sets of recklessness if u AOE as well, but uve also gotta re-cc as they come in and stuff, say u kill menders 1st/2nd, as they re-spawn u gotta remake targets for 3 ppl to interupt (of course, u could kill menders last)

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