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    2v2 Arena

    Am i the only one, that would love the opportunity to have 2x 2v2 teams? 1 for rating and the second one for IRL freinds.
    U know the one's with that lame gear... But u still want to play arena with them without killing ur rating?
    I see no problem with it? The highest rated team will count towards ur CONQ cap.

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    seeing as 2v2 doesn't allow you to get the highest gear, I suggest you make your 2v2 be with the friend you want to have fun with, and get a 3v3 for ratings.
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    Who cares about 2's rating, I leave 2's all the time doesn't really mean anything. I could see them, adding it but, I just do 2's for fun and then cutting myself afterwards.
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    skirmishes would kinda solve that problem, bring em back!

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    skirmishes would kinda solve that problem, bring em back!
    YESSSS. i mean it doesnt seem like it would take THAT much work from blizzard to put them back in. they can even keep war games option if people want

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    Everytime I do 2v2, I end up close to comitting suicide... So unbalanced piece of shit x]
    Just go 3v3 for rating, and 2v2 for funz taims!
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