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    Bots are great for lower populated servers

    I dont personal use a bot, but i know ppl that does and they say that bots can be a problem in general BUT there can also be good things about bots. Some players may not enjoy leveling, which makes booting a must for them it simply takes too long to lvl a new char to max lvl.
    Also, if there wasn’t any bots I doubt there would be enough stuff at the AH and everything would be way overprized.

    please comment what you think are advantages of booting

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    most BOT's are actually hacked accounts... you think thats great?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrathblade View Post
    most BOT's are actually hacked accounts... you think thats great?
    No, most bots are just accounts people buy and level.
    Most hacked accounts get banned quickly
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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    Botting*, not booting, and I think that people that want a new character should level it themselves. Leveling can be extremely fast, especially with all the heirlooms available already, and "takes too long", "may not enjoy leveling" are ridiculous reasons. With that mentality, everything should be given to them, and we have enough threads like those already. As for the overpriced stuff on the AH, I suppose you're right about higher prices, but that doesn't mean that anyone should approve of bots. I'd rather have higher prices than all these bots!

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    If there is less stuff on the AH, you can make a killing by farming some and putting it up. If you don't like leveling, just start with doing pet battling etc and if you like something there is a chance you can level with it. You could level by herbing alone and sell it for a fortune. Bots are bad, they are born out of stolen accounts and credit card fraud, how could that ever be good?
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    I don't find botting to have an upside at all.

    Just because someone doesn't like to level doesn't mean they should get to hit end game doing nothing, the whole point of an mmo is to put in the time and have fun doing it. Perhaps if those that bot to levle don't enjoy that part of an mmo , then an mmo is nto for them.

    Not to mention that if a person uses a bot just to level, whats going to stop them from then using a bot to farm items, a bot to farm LFD, a bot to farm honor in BG's, which then comes into the territory of not just affecting themselves but everyone else that gets queued up with said bot and ruins their fun.

    Not to mention the fact that the more botters we have out there farming mats, the lower the prices on the AH become, to the point where honest players can't sell anything for any kind of small profit, because the bots Flood the AH with way more stuff at the most ridiculous small prices, because "hey, they didn't put in the hours so they don't care if they drive the prices down to nothing, they are still making a buck for zero time put in!"

    Some realms economies are dying a death right now and bots just make it worse.

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