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    Question have you ever been a hero and saved some in game?

    As a pally i feel its my duty to try my best or do what needs to be done like saveing a low level or what ever it may be from near death!!!! i did this today and its nice to see them say thank you. so im just asking have you been a hero,and if so where

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    I can't recall a time where I was watching someone get their butt beat then I suddenly feel like I have the urge to rescue the guy. I'm generally a nice player and I don't mind helping if it's not too much trouble, but things like leveling are trivial now and most people are competent enough to know how much they can take on. During Vanilla or BC I may've done this once or twice and just don't recall.

    (I'm aware that aiding a leveler isn't the only example btw)

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    that good that you did thoe not many people do.

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    I'll jump in if I see alliance attacking them "im horde", especially when they are in the middle of a quest cause that's just plan dirty...or if I happen to be flying over a zone and I see someone is saying "someone is camping me" I usually go investigate and go from there.

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    Just earlier tonight, I was flying around doing pet battles, saw a low level alliance character about to die due to having pulled many more mobs than they could handle, and even though I'm horde, I swooped in and saved them with an AoE attack.
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    I tried. I was leveling on my druid, I was around 88, I was at a quest hub, and a rogue around 87 or 88 on a mount runs through, being chased by a lvl 90 DK. The DK starts pounding on the rogue. I just start spamming heals on the rogue, but it was not enough to save him, I really just prolonged his death by a few seconds. One good thing did come out of it, some guards came and attacked the DK, nothing happened to me so that was good also.
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    Yes, but more so before. Nowadays everyone else is a selfish bastard most of the time, so I kinda gave it up...
    I did help some alliance shadow priest with a rare mob (one of those melee mogu) the other day, as he was struggling quite a bit. And I didn't feel like letting him die, and take the rare myself as I don't need anything from any rare.

    Worst thing is when you help someone and they go mad because you did..

    And ofc being in a daily quest area on my moonkin I help out people all the time with starfall.. really wish they would make starfall ignore other people's targets, as long as you are not grouped.

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    I occasionally bother. I saved a rogue the other day on my priest, he was super close to death versus a load of quest mobs, so I threw him some heals. Not even a /wave.

    Saw him again a bit later near death again and let him die that time

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    I try to save who I can in BGs. Hell someone could have half the team beating on them and I'll try and intervene. Doesn't end well for me tho . I just feel so guilty passing by and watching them die.

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    Yeah,I remember some guy overpulling himself while leveling,he was sorrounded by loads of mobs and he was also a squishy mage on ~15% health. I layonhanded him quickly and started helping him out,but he just blinked and invised away ,leaving me with about 10 mobs.

    I no longer save people.

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    Saw this title an was like, I do alot of saving in DayZ and then noticed it was on the WoW forum.
    As for in WoW, yeah I usually check campers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnkimble16 View Post
    I try to save who I can in BGs. Hell someone could have half the team beating on them and I'll try and intervene. Doesn't end well for me tho . I just feel so guilty passing by and watching them die.
    Pity half the team are bots now
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    If it's a Pandaren rare I tend to stand idly by until they die then kill the mob they were fighting. I see no point in allowing them a chance at the rare drop from rares if they can't handle the mobs by themselves.

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    I tag and kill Pandarian rare mobs that I don't need so that they won't kill other players.
    I save rogues, feral druids and warriors from aggro by per-emptively HoPing them during timewarp.
    I save PvPers from the regret and guilt of killing me by bubble-hearthing.

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    I am a fake Orc, cause i helped an Alliance player a little while ago.

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    I saved a horde once as they were near death, and then literally 2 minutes later they ganked me when I was in the middle of a quest mob.

    Needless to say, they didn't complete many more quests that hour and eventually logged off.

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    just the other day some druid got knocked off the edge by the hozen kunzen chief or whatever.. i killed the chief needing the quest.. and teh druid was able to fly away and avoid dying lol.. he said in general chat "thank you for whoever killed that chief"

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    If I actually notice someone's low on health (and my faction), odds are good I'll throw a heal on them. I enjoy healing people, I enjoy assisting and buffing people. That's just where I get my fun in the game. Mostly it's simply that I don't notice when someone's low on health

    I've been enjoying, recently and for no apparent reason, passing the time while I'm in towns (places with a bank usually) buffing everyone of a class other than mine. Sometimes I run around hunting people down, sometimes I position myself near the flight point or doorway to inside, wherever there's consistent traffic, and then I just ... buff people. They don't usually need heals there.

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    Well if your alliance you aren't my problem... I only help horde, I try to give gold here and there sometimes and if alliance is attacking a town or killing some lowbies I'll come in and kill them...and if you a blood elf paladin you don't have the best intent for your fellow beings

    I save more people in real life xD
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    Several times. either horde or alliance, if I see there getting overwhelmed or trying to escape a mob or lots of them, I drop an earthbind totem. If there same faction I heal them up and join the fight, even if I don't get anything from it.

    I have also jump in many times when I see alliance attacking horde in questing areas, well, usually, if they need help because the alliance is a better pvper.
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