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    Here is the final animation, hope you guys like it.
    Sadly, I did not have time to render an HD version as my deadline is on Friday, my apologies. This was a project for my university course and I had 3 weeks to finish the animation, so some details might be missing. Thanks!

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    i like it. Nice job

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    I'm clearly late in my reply to the OP so I'll edit it, but these all look amazing.

    2nd edit: I can't even imagine how much life it would breath into the game for me to be able to run around such detailed environments.
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    That looks beautiful. Blood Elven architecture was always something I've wanted to see rendered like this. Great job.

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    these look awesome! Good job at upping the detail and still keeping that Blizztoon style. On a side note, a revamp of WoW to the Unreal Engine 4 would be amazing.
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    Goddamn all your work looks amazing! gratz!

    What i would want to see, is Undercity in all it's cinematic rendering glory. The dark theme of it. Feeling death all around you. Gothic style whatever it is. Would be jaw dropping to see Undercity like that. Hell, even Brill would be cool in a cinematic rendering.
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    Spikearius, Terralon, Archipelagos, feangren, Cerebrate, Zambooka, Urti, sys01: Thanks for the reply !

    Wow, getting good feedback from people who really care about and know the game is awesome . Thanks guys, means a lot!

    As we speak I`m rendering out an HD version of this and I hope I`ll get some time pretty soon to composite it into a final piece.
    The next step for me is going to be creating game assets and testing them out in either Unreal 3 or CRYEngine. The aim would be to make these assets look awesome and hold true to the Warcraft style. I can keep you posted on that as well if you`d like.

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    Looks amazing. Please do keep posting updates!

    Ulduar would be pretty amazing to see like that too.

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    Sendros you should send this into Blizzard. Oh how I would love WoW even more if it looked this amazing
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    That looks awesome! As someone said before, the dark portal would be a sweet idea.

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    I prefer my games to look like games not reality. I would quit WoW if they attempted to do this.

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    I am really not a fan of realistic graphics at all, but I can totally understand that this is fun for you to do. It's really no different than all the different WoW art out there. Keep it up . I see someone suggested you should try Exodar, and I agree with that one. Exodar is not very visually appealing to me with the current graphics, even though I love them on everything else, so it would be cool to see it through a completely different artstyle.

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    wow that was amazing. keep it up

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    Fantastic work. I'd say Kara, Darkshire or ant place in Gilneas would be really cool.

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    Holy shit, that looks awesome!

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    Y'know, I love the cartoony look of wow. That being said, that was just some beautiful rendering. All the kudos to you! truly magnificent!

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    Peso, PoisonedLizard, Archdruid Dehydrate, frigoffrick, RAWRF, cexspa, luccadeo, Zeunerts, Amonra: thanks for the replies .

    Duridi: actually, Exodar never did cross my mind, strangely. I am not familiar with it, as I played during TBC and early Wrath as a Blood Elf, so not a lot to do over there . Will check out the visual style though... knowing Blizz, it's full of detail as well.

    Amonra: yeah, I tried to get that cartoony feel with a bit more realism.. quite an awesome challenge.

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