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    I cheated, and looked at the file name.
    Thanks for making me check that, I totally forgot I still have to download the expansion set

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    This is an odd issue, for me at least. Usually I would say gameplay > graphics in pretty much all cases, but I will still spend hours upon hours looking for / installing mods for games like Skyrim trying to push it's graphics to the absolute maximum.

    I guess it really depends on the game, I like looking at great graphics, but I also like playing great games. An example of a game with "outdated" graphics I recently started playing, would be FFVII, a game I've been wanting to play for the longest time, but only just got a month or so ago on my PS Vita. I never played it before and I am enjoying it greatly, in this case the story makes up for it having outdated graphics (I even usually HATE turn based games with a passion, yet somehow this and Chrono Trigger are both fine).

    Perhaps it's a matter of perspective for me, as in which perspective you look at the game from. I spend most of my time in Skyrim in First Person view and as such I am very close to the world and want to immerse myself in a semi-realistic (with mods) world. While in games like FFVII I am a bit more disconnected from the environment and as such I can ignore the graphics. I would most likely never go back and play a first person shooter with outdated graphics, unless it's with friends on skype or at LAN parties.

    In conclusion I'd say it depends on the game in question.

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    Graphics are nice, but they certainly do not make the game.

    So no, I'm not bothered by it. I mean, I do have a certain standard for graphics, but I think it would have to be pretty half-assed in the most literal meaning of the idiom, to actually put me off a game.
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    tbh it depends. 8-bit and 16-bit era stuff still looks good imo. n64, PS1, ps2 and DC era stuff however can be hit and miss for me and i prefer to remember those with teh rose tinted glasses of nostalgia.

    pc wise however i can play older games. older stuff that i actually have installed atm (quake 4, doom 3 (not bfg edition) and vampire the masquerade) i just did a bit of googling and got unofficial performances patches and high res texture packs. which make those games look fine.

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    Not usually, but there are a few games that make your eyes bleed on the HD high resolution monitors we have today.

    I have no trouble playing a game like Civilization 2 from time to time.

    In a lot of ways, I wish they'd take some of the best old games and not change anything but the graphics. Sell it for less than "new" games. What I hate is when they take an old game that was great and feel the need to try and re-invent the wheel and ruin the game in the process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstroleonShadowflower View Post
    This is an odd question, but allowed me to share some context.
    By the title, I mean games that are perhaps highly recommended, your type of genre, or perhaps even an older game in a series you enjoy.

    This is the feeling I get.
    When I go back and play FF7 I don't notice the graphics. When I go back and play MGS I don't notice the graphics.
    When I go back and play Ocarina of Time I don't notice the graphics.

    However, anything that I didn't play when I was "growing up", (like earlier Zelda games) and I didn't have the chance to go back and play now, even though I know I'd love them, like really early FF games, earlier Zelda games, and just games that people have recommended (like this game called Terranigma which sounds awesome.)

    Same with the friend who told me to play Terranigma, I urge him to play FF7 and the like, and he just can't get into it.

    This is incredibly shallow, and I was wondering if it affected anyone else.

    EDIT: This is absolutely NOT an "are old games better than new games" or vice versa thread. If you bringing it up you can fuck off, because truth be told there are magnificent games on every platform, in every era, and any "gaming is not what is used to be" or similar "old games look cheap and gay lol" will just make you look like a clown.
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    Graphics can enhance gameplay, take away from it, or not affect it. But I guarantee you graphics I don't personally like has made me not play a game, I almost never started playing WoW because I did not like the cartoon graphics and I am definitely avoiding graphics that seem to indicate the game is made for children, but older low quality graphics don't bother me, so long as it goes along with its gameplay.

    The other point I would like to make is people, as in humans, are prone to make memories "fond" even if they aren't really. The greatest games I ever played I started playing 10+ years ago, nothing I've played recently would I call the greatest game I ever played. My short list of greatest games is Starcraft and Ultima Online, but now lets compare original starcraft versus new starcraft. SCII is superior in every single way, I can't think of a way its not aside from the chat interface in bnet. The gameplay is better, the graphics are better, the balance is as good and probably better, but I have the greatest memories of the original starcraft so I would still say that the old one is better, even though in no logical way is it better. But I would never go back to play it seriously while being able to play SCII because graphically it is annoying to my eyes now.

    Now lets look at Ultima Online. Those were some amazing 2d graphics in my opinion. I still like them, I wish a new game would come out on a better engine with better code and be exactly like UO in gameplay, look and feel. UO represents the best 2d graphics available to an MMO before the world switched to 3d. And 3d graphics in early mmos were essentially a bunch of trapezoids assembled into human form and look AWFUL and some games still have this appearance. UO holds a special place in my heart personally, but I think graphically people have to recognize what it is and how good it was. Its like the original WWII fighters with one propeller, that same design is still used for any single prop aircraft that needs speed/maneuverability to this day (stunt planes, race planes). Its not that its the best possible, its that it was the best of its time and there has been no need to change it. In the case of the aircraft is because jet engines took over the world, and in the case of Ultima Online is because 3d engines took over the world.

    But to answer your question, no.
    In some cases yes, bad graphics are bad, but outdated aren't necessarily bad and do not push me away from something I know I would like. I really want to play some ninja gaiden NES right now.

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    However much I would love to say that graphics are irrelevant, I have grown far too accustomed to the better graphics of today. Even playing older games that I remember loving can be kind of hard at times. That's not to say that I can't play games with poor graphics by today's standards, but it does put me off sometimes.

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    Just re-downloaded this glorious little title today.

    Hadn't played it since, well, when it was new (2003)

    Graphics aren't terrible I guess, but they definitely show how far we've come. God, what a great game though. And no other game gives you as many opportunities per minute to shout "AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!"

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    They don't really turn me off as such, I will still play them. Although sometimes I do wish there would be HD releases of certain titles. Halo Anniversary was great for me, it proved that if done right, completely polishing the graphics can do wonders for an old game, it still kept its original halo charm while looking nice.
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    Depends what game it is,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinna View Post
    I got Avadon for the tablet with the Humble Bundle. The graphics very basic, but the game is fun and interesting. Does it count that it's a tablet and the expectation is lower?

    I did recently get Syndicate Wars for the Playstation at 5€ The resolution of the game on my TV gave me a lot of difficulty, and I didn't play it through. So, I think there's some levels of graphics that are acceptable and some that are not.[COLOR="red"]
    This is sort of where I tend to have issues with older games with grubbier graphics. I never had a SNES or whatever (my first console was a Gamecube) but the first game I invested anything close to a lot of time in was Pokémon Yellow, so I guess I did grow up with 'bad' graphics. But if I have to spend an hour googling around and trying to find fixes to issues just to get a game running without visually glitching out every five minutes, that's when I lose interest.

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    No, why would i own consoles if it did?

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    Great console games with outdated graphics do not hinder my enjoyment at all. PC games are an entirely different story.

    I'm so glad they released the updated original Tomb Raider, because trying to play that on the PC again is a nightmare. I can go all the way back to NES and still have fun with terrible looking games. Some games, like Super Metroid, The N64 Zelda's, and any Mario game will be played forever.

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    Depends on the game to me.

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