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    how to divide a web chat onto 2 server?

    So i got these 2 servers
    Server 1 holds the code/files for my chat
    server 2 is where my website is but it don't have a database so i can't upload stuff to it

    so my question is how do i integrate the chat from Server 1 over to server 2

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    It's ugly, but you could iframe it.

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    Could you not link both servers up via command prompt;

    NET USE \\computer-name or ip\hard-disk-letter-to-connect-to$

    NET USE \\file-server\c$
    I'm not entirely sure why you want 2 servers though.

    If you use Xampp (and i'm sure an array of other programs) you can host a web server and a database (MySQL) server on the same machine.
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