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    First BSOD ever (built PC over a year ago), halp!

    So like i said, got my first BSOD ever with stop code: 0x00000003b.

    I looked it up and basically most people say it is tied to hardware, well i ran memtest and that checked out fine, and i have the most updated bios for my motherboard, including all drivers (motherboard, network, GPU, audio).

    I got the BSOD while playing SWTOR, computer just shut off randomly (i didnt hit restart button on accident, i have antec 300 its literally impossible) then when i restarted the BSOD came up.

    Is there a way to test a hard drive with software?

    Or any other ideas would be appreciated as well.

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    google says its problem with firewire driver


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    Thx for reply, but my MB does not even have a firewire port : (

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    oh.. hmm.. then i dont know what is crashing your system... i havent seen bsod on my pc for 3 years since i swiched to win7

    maybe, post here your setup and someone may had same problem and can help you

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