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    Increase droprate on Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe....


    I'm starting to get quite frustrated now. I've been doing both Shattrath and Dalarn cooking quest for approximately a half year now and this shit
    still hasn't dropped. It's the only thing I need for Chef achievement.

    According to wowhead it is a 1.8 % chance to get it from Crate of Meat (Shattrath cooking daily)
    and 1.1 % chance to get it from Small Spice Bag (Dalaran cooking daily).

    How long did it take for you to get it? I mean it couldn't hurt to increase it a little bit really...

    And yes, I probably sound like a whining twelve year old.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Yea you do. Rng is Rng

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    You never know
    RNG can be a bitch sometimes =/ I got lucky myself and got it from the first cooking daily ever I did, the day I dinged 80 back in wotlk. Just keep trying you'll eventually get it
    But time is on your side
    It's on your side now
    Not pushing you down and all around
    It's no cause for concern

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    I worked on that for a long time too, never saw it.

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    Got it for 4 fresh alts in first week of Shattrath/Dalaran dailies. Seems drop rate is high enough.
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    Took me a couple months of doing all three cooking dailies almost every day last expansion. I was thinking the same thing as you. Pretty ridiculous effort for something outdated and irrelevant. Independent rng sucks at times.

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    I did 11 Key runs on Mp6 with 60% drop rate on them.

    I got zero keys.

    RNG is RNG.

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    had 3 chefs before acct wide achieves.


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    Three years, still not got it here eitherlol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serissa View Post
    Got it for 4 fresh alts in first week of Shattrath/Dalaran dailies. Seems drop rate is high enough.
    This is either meant ironically (which I hope) or you're incredibly ignorant (which I don't hope).

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    The more time it takes you to get it the more Blizz makes you play the more you feed their cash cow which is the only thing they care about. Don't expect them to do somethign that benefits the player.

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