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    Monitor Stopped Displaying Native Resolution

    So I've had this same setup going for about a year now. I've recently changed nothing with my computer at all.

    My monitor's native resolution is 1920x1080. It decided it didn't like that resolution, and refuses to display it. It will only display a maximum of 1680x1050.

    I've updated my drivers, downgraded my drivers, tried Driver Cleaner (Which actually made windows stop booting all together)... nothing has worked.

    I've also had some random freezes lately. Like completely random. It could be 5 seconds after I boot my computer, or 5 hours into playing WoW. There are no graphics glitches, so I don't believe my card is dying at all.

    I really don't want to format.. I'm using that option as my very last choice. Does anyone have any idea as to why my monitor would suddenly stop displaying its native resolution?

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    Any chance you have another 1080p display such as a tv that you could try before messing with drivers and reinstalling?
    Or perhaps swap from the dedicated graphics to integrated or some older graphics card that you have laying about.

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    I don't have any other 1080p monitors I can try out. I really don't think it has anything to do with the monitor.

    Some new stuff:
    I decided to go ahead and format my PC. It needed to be done anyway. The monitor was still taking issue with displaying it's native resolution. After the initial boot, it managed to stay 1920x1080. However, if the monitor was put to sleep, or shut off and then turned back on, it would just claim that the resolution was not supported.

    I've got a secondary, smaller monitor that I use as well. I've made it my main display for the time being, so I can try switching resolutions easier. It will stay on and work just fine while my main monitor is spazzing out.

    I've also noticed that the random freezing seems to be happening a lot more frequently, but still with some randomness. It's usually 10 minutes to an hour after I boot the computer, but at the same time, I was able to stay on WoW for about 6 hours last night and through a raid.

    Also, there have been a couple times where I attempt to boot Windows, and it gives me a screen saying it's failed to boot due to a hardware or software issue. Most likely a hardware issue. The scan it provides always finds nothing, and takes me to the same screen about 3 times before it finally goes away and lets me into Windows.

    Finally, my sound completely cut off last night. This is a first for me. There's a very odd clicking noise through my headphones. The computer still detects my sound card. I've never had an issue with this before. It's clearly related to whatever is happening.

    With all of the above, I'm completely stumped. I've ran into plenty of hardware issues in the past, but nothing that has had this much of an effect. Does anyone have ANY idea what could be causing all of this?

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    Tried removing my sound card in hopes that it was something as minor as that causing all these issues.

    Didn't help my monitor, but the sound is working through on-board.

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    I could still use any ideas, suggestions, or theories on this issue.

    I have an alternate motherboard I can try, but I'm wondering if that's even a possibility for all the issues?

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    All I can say is take it to a friend or relatives house and plug it into there computer.
    Chances are its broke but you should connect it to another video source to confirm that its the screen and not a faulty video card.

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