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    In-game voting system for new features

    Almost every time i read blue post trackers from MMOchamp, there is someone who wants some mechanic or feature (and points out that everyone wants it) and Blizzard just answers that many people would not like it etc. And there is some truth in it, i think most players don't even know about hotfixes/what's happening on forums etc., as forum-users are just minority of playerbase.

    So, if Blizzard would create some kind of system where you could vote in-game (once per account, naturally) about new features (ie. bringing back arena skirmishes, removing gnomes from game or some other nonsense), do you think it would work?

    I think it would work in few simple "do you want blacklisting option to scenarios, yes/no" polls, but not in "so we herd u want moar dailiez??" ones because many seems to be already upset about that topic.

    (poll inc. soon)

    (and sorry about my english)
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