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    Resto Shaman VS Hunter


    im a full pvp geared resto shammy with 1700 rating xp in 2s and rbg. Against most classes i fell, even if i die sometimes, like i did at least something right. Against bm hunter i cant do shit. When i get caught in a bg on an open field outta camouflage i die within 4 secs. When we played arena we lost 3 times in a row to double hunter tema, where i coul properly los the humter (almost no dmg on recount visible on my death) but i just got raped by their pet zoo. The problem is that they are just immune to everything (i guess bestial wrath?) and within that time i just die.

    Anything to at least live a few secs longer?


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    In 3's, you need your team mates to help you survive.

    You really shouldn't die 1vs1 with CDS.
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    Your doing something wrong if you are dying 1v1 vs a hunter unless they out gear you.

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    Pop Spiritwalker's Grace, Stoneclaw totem to absorb damage, and then try to LOS the best you can.

    Also, try greasing your posterior before the match -- usually helps with the inevitable rapings that hunters give.

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    Your partners have to peel the stampedes with as much aoe cc as possible. Also telling us what comp, your running would be nice. If your playing with a retribution paladin, he should give u aura mastery(stops interrupts and reduces magic damage by like 20% arcane shot is part magic damage along with cobra) and blessing of sacrifice(transfers 30% of the damage u take to your paladin). Basically telling us what comp you run would help a lot. vs a hunter 1v1 take the 40% damage absorb and use it during his bestial wrath(not sure if the totem is better, I play a druid). When the hunter pops stampede use your rooting totem to get away from the pets. Btw your earth elemental might taunt the big red pet off you for a few seconds. You just have to stare at the enemy frame and beware of his cool downs and stop them. Playing with the sound on helps as well.
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    My Resto Shaman partner uses Capacitor Totem to stun the pet zoo, I root the pets, she moves from them a bit, pops all cooldowns and tries to survive. Doesn't always work, depending on the Hunter's partner and what CC they use.

    She prefers Nature's Guardian to Stone Bulwark, it's a passive 25% heal that triggers automatically and doesn't cost a GCD.

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    If you dont need ranged root, then i recommend using earthgrab totem + glyphed capacitor to deal with hunters. Once you get full geared, even arms + bm hunter burst shouldn't be problem as long as there is something to LoS the hunter itself.

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    Earth grab totem does wonders against the zoo. And you might want to consider using as many cool downs as you think you can blow without getting into troubles fairly soon. You just have to survive his burst, he'll be much less of an problem for a fairly long time after it.

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    earth grasp the zoo, waddle away as you keep up riptide and earthshield

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