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    The one unnecessary addon you can't live without!

    So I put this question to you, people of the mmo forums!

    What addon do you have which does not effect your gameplay to a gamebreaking degree, would you say you couldn't live without?

    Popular addons such as boss mods, unit frames, bag addons, loot addons, dps trackers and cooldown trackers need not be mentioned, we're mostly all aware of these addons.
    I'd say like, DBM, SuF / Grid / Vuhdo, Powerauras/Weakauras bagnon, recount are the main ones we can leave out.
    It doesn't have to be class specific but [erhaps you can suggest class specific addons that you don't think many people use?

    An addon for Dks I really like is DocsDebugRunes - it's one that I hardly ever see other Dks using, perhaps because they have a similar addon that is adequate for the job, but I really like the look of it and the way it works.

    So peeps, what can you suggest?

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    For NO effect at all i swear i ahd some serious withdrawal when my soundtrack one stopped working, Overall however hmm hard to say. Maybe DBM or GTFO.

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    Postal and Combuctor for me ^^
    You can be sure that every time I reset the interface those twos are the first ones to get downloaded!

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    Pokemon battle music for pet battles . And recount....I've become addicted to seeing how shitty my dps is.

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    VanasKOS. Lets me know when there are alliance in my general vicinity. Tracks your world pvp encounters, and lets you set notifications and alarms for certain players entering your target range.

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    Bartender4 for my Warrior. Don't have enough space on the two action bars I like to have abilities on (clicker), so my Warrior has four or five bars in the central area for abilities/ trinkets and 4 at the sides for everything else (Professions/ Food, Mounts and the like). Don't need it for my Warrior, Rogue or Mage, but I'm leveling as Priest and unless I can create some macros that allow me to put Smite/ Holy Fire and Shadow Word: Pain into one button as Disc, the I may need it for him.

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    Power auras
    Not the new Shitty, menu driven hard to configure one.
    The one from Cata, which takes me 30 seconds to make an aura for, rather than pissing around for 10 mins in PAC 5
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    For me, All Played. (Shows time played on all your chars, the rested xp they have, amount of gold they have etc) pretty useful and I get annoyed if its disabled on a char for some reason.

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    Boss talk.

    I cant play WOW without quoting Yogg'Saron and C'thun for no reason in chat.

    Also anytime someone gets an achievement or says Ding I can quote Jindo ("Hey Grats, mon")
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    Definitely GTFO.

    Unnecessary if you pay attention but still saves my butt.

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    Button facade.

    I CAN'T STAND the semi-round, high spacing buttons, for me they have to be square shaped, perfectly fit into each other leaving no space. The background had to be dark, preferrably with a decent pattern.

    It does not effect game play, but it satisfy my little pet hate.

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    Titan Gold Info - I feel as if I'm getting robbed whenever I can't look up and see those numbers.

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    Probably a tossup between OmniCC, ButtonFacade, CloseUp, and Atlasloot...
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    oPie, simply one of the best addons i've ever had (been using it for some years now)

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    Titan panel, no doubt. I could live without all my other addons, but not TP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightguard View Post
    Pokemon battle music for pet battles . And recount....I've become addicted to seeing how shitty my dps is.
    What about WoWKeMoN? THAT ones pretty damn fun.

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    Oh god Postal. Or Viewport. Probably viewport more than postal.

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    buttonfacade/masque - i just cant stand default graphics

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