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    Chat bubbles

    So, after 5.1 my chat bubbles that are shown when someone /say something use the original blizzard border and font, which they didn't pre 5.1.
    The problem is that i have no clue what addon it was that made it look different pre 5.1.
    I have looked in both chatter and tiptac but i can't seem to change it in any of them and i don't have any other addons that has something to do with tooltips and chat.
    So what am i missing, where (if i can) do i change this in any of these addons?

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    Maybe it was some texture addon like aurora or miirgui.
    there is this addon as well,but not sure if it's still working or not.

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    Try SharedMedia it has a number of textures and what not in it

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    BubbleBobble or Aurora.

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