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    Mouse Look Lock.

    I will quit WoW if they remove support for this addon.

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    Just one. :[

    Probably IceHUD. It can do most things; albeit, not as well as specialized addons. I just use it for unitframes atm, but I used to use it for buff tracking.

    BT4, TidyPlates, Raven, OmniCC, WeakAuras, all my AH mods, Fortress (and plugins), HHtD, Gladius, and most of my other addons would be tough to live without though.

    Would be good if I read the OP, haha. TSM would be the unnecessary addon I can't live without. AHing would take forever!
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    For sure... Best useless addon ever!

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    It has to be my own Pony music addon :s
    I don't like the ingame music, and I love the music switching for different events.
    If you wanna see(hear) it in action you can take a look at this movie for example.

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    I'd say OmniCC but it's absolutely NOT unnecessary. It's impossible to perfectly gauge the remaining cooldown time without it.
    I don't have the slightest clue why this functionality isn't included in the game since the alpha.

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    BankItem: so I know which alt I have to log to mail mats around...
    WTB a Diablo-like account bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post

    Would be good if I read the OP, haha. TSM would be the unnecessary addon I can't live without. AHing would take forever!
    Beat me too it. TSM is definately the biggest time saving addon i have. I dont think id still be playing the game without it.

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    definitely Opie, being able to just hold Alt-E and get a ring with my mounts is something that I havent been able to live without since first time I used it back in 2010

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    BadBoy. If I had to pick 1 addon as my only addon to have it would be this. I could make do without all the others, I can't make do with having to bother with botters spamming me their gold selling scamsites.

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    OmniCC, I just like having my cd's for Wildgrowth, Swiftmend, etc. in my face all the time. It seriously throws me off a bit when it's not there. Even though I know the timers on them, not having them in my face makes me feel ill-informed and I'm more likely to spam my buttons when I don't need to.

    GTFO is on the list as well for another helpful reminder of "Oh hey, I'm standing in shit." I don't need it, dealt with years without it, but it's nice to have more reinforcement of "HEY YOU HAVE JASPER CHAINS!" (etc.) Although this addon is mandatory for my guild so I don't consider it an unnecessary addon as I must have it.
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    Fizzle, to add durability text to items, and give them a colored glow depending on what quality they are (epics glow purple, superior items glow blue etc.)

    Had the addon forever, everything feels wrong when it's not enabled
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    Tiptac. Tooltip addon.
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    That would be oUF_Diablo:

    The main addon in my interface. (unit layout for the unit framework oUF)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veej View Post
    What addon ... would you say you couldn't live without?
    None, probably, since I can live without the game on the whole, so necessarily, I can live without any subdivision of the game. =P

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    RazerNaga, when MoP came and the addon was no longer supported it took me hours to re-do the action bars and keybinds of 8 different chars, along with the ability and talent changes it was annoying to redo everything from scratch. The worst thing for me is that the default UI isn't symmetrical, 2 bars on bottom and 2 on right, I'd rather just have them all in the middle so I have to use a different addon.
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    For combat, Omnicc. Out of combat, I guess Postal. IDK.

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    ArkInventory, eats up my memory so bad but i need it man... i need it.

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    Postal, no doubt.

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    Since i cant say ElvUi, then it would have to be raven having my debuffs in the center of the screen really makes it easier to see and respond to them

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