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    For normal, I would just send down a dotter + any other DPS + any healer every totem. Spam heal the non-dotter up, let them bail quickly. Let the dotter stay down as long as they need to (without dying).

    For our normal kill, I think we only sent down our aff lock and a healer every totem, so that's an option too.

    Our normal kill was the first week in 463 gear, so the enrage should not be an issue with the kind of gear the average player has now.

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    I hear people saying using Hand of protection on the tank works well. Do i use this when he has voodoo? Just i thought his attacks don't deal physical damage.... or do they do physical and added shadow damage?

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    My guild got its first kill on this fight last weekend (after a couple of 1% wipes due to the enrage timer).

    Raid Setup:
    2 Paladin Tanks (not ideal I know, but it's all we had)
    Fire Mage
    Combat Rogue
    Fury Warrior
    BM Hunter
    Elemental Shaman
    Resto Druid
    Disc Priest
    Holy Priest

    Note that our normal set up swaps the BM Hunter for a Survival Hunter and the Holy Priest for a Mistweaver Monk.

    Our Strategy:
    Before the pull, we would pick the first 3 to take the totem. This was usually our top melee and ranged DPS along with one of the healers. The healer would get the melee first and the ranged after that. Both of the DPS would stay in the spirit realm until the timer got down to 3. They would try to kill as many of the adds as they could.

    From this point, we would play it by ear to determine who was taking the next totem. We would repeat this process for the rest of the fight. We would do our best to rotate through the healers and the DPS, unless they were voodoo dolls.

    Our kill came with about 20 seconds left on the enrage timer. We had a handful of failures before the kill... usually because we weren't getting enough of the spirit realm adds down. To me, this fight is all about add control and your dps being aware of how long they have left before they need to leave the spirit realm.

    Hopefully this helps you out. Good Luck with your next encounter.

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    Thanks to everyone for your help!

    We got him down last week by switching to 2-heals, as we had different DPS this time.
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