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    The beauty of pvp in this game is in its complexity. ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
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    Blizzard has clearly stated that it's players are far too stupid to understand how to play if spells worked differently in pvp vs pve. I'm sorry OP, but only overwhelming complexity can keep those morons on track.

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    Odd i remember a topic about not liking complex rotations in pve made by the same guy.

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    so what you want? do you want more rewards, like what 5 times the hornor points? so you have to use less time in a BG? or less is more with time to kill people, like they did for MoP to make the health go higher then the avage damge, as i said, like they did

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitmannoob View Post
    Only classes that have to many key binds to me are hunters, warlocks, and druids Tbh.
    ...and then...fucking ponies everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Bob View Post
    How many keys do you need to bind spinning lulzor kick to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    How many keys do you need to bind spinning lulzor kick to?
    One, if you wanna play like a retard and suck at everything.
    ...and then...fucking ponies everywhere.

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    You know what they need to adopt for PVP? I'll tell you. I'll be glad to tell you.

    1. Complete separation of PVP and PVE. Spells might have the same names but work way differently when damaging a player vs. a mob. All spells, gear, etc. gets two sets of stats, one for interacting with enemy players, and another for interacting with anything else. Like PVP power, but write large. They're basically half-ass doing it now with diminishing returns, but imagine if nearly everything about your character worked differently in combat with another player.

    Tada. Now they no longer have to balance PVE vs. PVP or PVP vs. PVE ever again. Yes, they've added more work for themselves, but not really doubled it per se since they already had to try to keep both things balanced together. Now they get to have two separate things that don't need to balance against each other.

    2. Make world PVP opt-in. As in, if you're on a PVE server and you don't flag yourself, you can stand on a PVP-flagged person and AOE all day long and it won't hit them or flag you. (I'd say make it opt-in on PVP worlds but the sociopathic gankers and griefers would cry so hard we'd all drown. Poor widdle babies, imagine if they couldn't rape people. Gosh, that'd be terrible. But hey man you rolled PVP server 8 years ago never knowing there'd be that BS thing called resilience so live with it.) At least on PVE worlds, people couldn't grief each other by trying to get them to accidentally flag themselves. Dedicated griefers would have to transfer to PVP servers, and people who didn't want to deal with that kind of idiocy could transfer to PVE servers. Win-win. I'm all about win-win. Hell, keep charging for transfers. Win-win-win.

    This would allow them to simplify PVP quite a bit. Or make it more complex. Either way.

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