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    Daily's and Faction rep shared on Account

    As the title says, a idea hit me. What if daily's and Faction rep was shared on account (maybe just all charaters on the same server)?

    The daily system in MoP takes alot of time to complete and the daily grind to exalted with each new faction, is about 2-2,5 hours for me at least every day, before i hit exalted with some of them and i started to skip the onces i already done. now this thread isn't a QQ life is hard and so on. Doing the grind on my main, isn't so bad since you get alot of gold and the Lesser coins for it, the problem comes when you like me, like to play more than 1 char, having 1 or 2 alts in MoP is just a nightmare if you have to do 2x or maybe 3x the grind for exalted with each of them.

    So here's my idea

    The way the systems "could" work, is that all faction rep was shared on all charaters on the same server/realm, factions would first show op on the charaters panel, when you hit the right level. but if you did a daily on, lets say your main, got the rep/coin/gold. and then the daily quest would lock for all charaters on the realm, so you could't "cheat" and mass farm rep with more chars to hit exalted faster than others. that way you still had to do the grind 1 time, but if you pick op a alt, the grinding rep phase was over and you would move on to more fun stuff like, raiding, pvp or whatever you do, when you play wow. crafting recipes could still be locked on just the char that did the grind, just for balance.

    more time to do stuff you really wanted to,
    eaiser to level alts and get them to raiding

    less gold and coins (but to be fair, my main got so many lesser coins, i could last for weeks before i had to grind dailys again)
    less play time for blizz = (maybe) less money?

    anyway just my 2 cent's, but i hope something like this would happens.

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    If you think about it in the sense of an RP'er, each toon is a separate person in the world, so it makes sense that each one has to build their rep with with each faction, and since the game is a role-playing game, it should stay as such.
    Besides, soon we get a boost whenever a toon reaches revered, all other characters get double rep or something? We don't need any more upgrades than that.

    You forgot a con: more people whining and complaining about how this game was made even more casual and bla bla bla (the rest we've all heard enough times to know what bla bla bla stands for) (not my opinion though, my opinion is keep the rep as it is, even without the boost coming in 5.1; it shouldn't be easy to earn rep just because you did it already imo, but that's me)
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    Dailies(not daily's) are not a requirement for anyone, so if you want the reputation, earn it the way everyone else has.

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