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    Shadow Priest streams?

    Does anyone know of any?

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    kolieee or something streams

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    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    koilie is amazing, watch him.

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    koilie is #1 spriest top damage on most 25 man hardmode fights...watch him

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    If you are interrested in PvP streams then Talbadar will be participating in the Blizz tournament tomorrow starting again at 11.00 Chineese GMT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparrow View Post
    Best streams evar <3

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    WTB Talb n Tayloryoyo back. No other stream is even worth the attention. :X
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    Koilie is hands down on the best spriests out there. Watch his streams on twitch.

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