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    Enhancement and PvP

    So I've been trying out some battlegrounds as enhancement spec this week. The week before I had a look at elemental spec. I definitely got a lot more burst and damage out of elemental, but I felt more mobile as enhancement. However, both of the specs did feel squishy. I managed to get some damage input on my target, but as soon as they could start dealing damage on me, I got nuked down almost instantly.

    Now, bear in mind that I do not have much skill in playing any of the two specs mentioned yet. I only tried them both for about a week.

    Are shamans (excluding resto) really that easy to kill in PvP these days?

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    Are shamans (excluding resto) really that easy to kill in PvP these days?
    these days? ha. always have been.

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    They always have been. You've got to learn when it's best to run and get out of los to heal up, and when it's best to do as much damage before you expire.

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    Yup. As much as our constant damage is rather high, you'll be unable to stay on a target because you have to constantly run/kite, come back in once the focus isn't on you anymore, rinse and repeat.

    Ele is probably worse, because you don't have shamanistic rage or the sprint, but probably more kiting tools.

    Either way, you'll pass most of your time running away.
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