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    8 57.14%
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    Best Race Human/Worgen Overall Looks and Racials

    my last race change post, but which is the best overall, like if i want to go tanking or pvping at some point? which would be the best and
    looks wise please reply quick!

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    Racial wise: Human for PvP, Worgen for PvE
    Looks : Worgen Female IMO

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    As far as racials go: Humans, everyman for himself for PvP and mace/sword expertise are nice for some free aggro.

    But for looks, you can't beat a male worgen imo.

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    I'm a huge fan of worgens, for about every class they can play and warrior is def no exception!

    For PvPing Every man for himself is indeed a very good tool to have, but I find Darkflight having it's uses too from time to time, especially in BG's.

    For Tanking Darkflight is def handy to chain through those pulls that tiny bit smoother!

    Lookswise humans have the advantage that you can transmog everything on them while worgen sometimes look weird with certain helmpieces, but then again they make some transmogs look that much more awesome...

    Ah it's really up to you, I would pick a female/male worgen if I went back ally on my warrior

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    Human (hands down) for PvP, Worgen for PvE.
    For looks, I'd say Human Female (I like the animations)

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    Human: Expertise racial for tanking/DPS. Active racial for PvP or for crucial stun/silence/whatever breaking in dungeons or on trash.

    Worgen: Crit racial for DPS. Sprint for.. when you can't use charge or intervene, I guess.

    Human warriors generally seem better, but it's all up to you

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