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    <Karma> Horde - Kael'thas US 10man MSV 1/6H HoF 6/6 LF all exceptional players

    We are based on the US server Kael'thas, we were formerly called Second Wind and since WotLK have been at or near the top of progression for our server. We were Horde 1st Heroic Madness and have been in the top 3 in progression on the server basically every raid tier since WotLK. We are a 10 man group that raids Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, 9-12 EST. Looking for exceptional players of any class or spec. I need players that research their class as well as the encounters on their own time and show up to raids prepared. Previous Heroic raid experience is an absolute must, logs aren't mandatory but will help me out a great deal in figuring out if you would be a good fit for our group. Feel free to contact me on MMO or alternatively on real id in game. We have a very dedicated 10 man group, we take our raiding serious while still having fun at the same time.

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    we also have a 2nd more casual group recruiting as well

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