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    Avatar animation

    Everytime I pop my Avatar ability, I feel sadness that even the gods of Sparta can't comprehend.
    All I get is a BIT BIGGER than my usually size, and get like a weird grayish/brown color.

    For an attack that says " You transform into an unstoppable colossus ", I feel ripped off :-0

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    Warriors aren't magic. What did you expect?

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    It's because it based off the Colossus of Rhodes, a giant bronze statue. One of the seven wonders of the world.


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    What I expected to see? maybe something as simple as transforming into another NPC model, a big Vrykul model?

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    While I still used the talent, I liked the animation, lol. Combine with Bloodlust for a huge angry warrior!

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    I kinda feel the pain, would be decent (minor glyph or w/e) to change yourself into lets say one of those dwarf'ish figures you get from using Iron Boot flask. Something like that. That way people can still have their Oh look im big and grey looks.

    When i asked a warrior on beta to use it i already went.. Oh ... ok..

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    I think its kinda neat myself, you are kinda like a big mogu statue of yourself. Having said that I haven't used the talent in ages, and 5.1 will be even less incentive to.

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    Personally, I like the animation since it's reminding me of the mountain king from WCIII

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    It's fine.

    We're Warriors we aren't meant to be all flash and magical. It's kinda a stretch lore/immersion wise anyway as the move comes from the Dwarf Mountain King in WC3 and is more or less meant to be a souped up Stoneform of which only the Dwarves in lore have access to.

    For those wondering the size does stack with Stoneform .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beograth View Post
    Personally, I like the animation since it's reminding me of the mountain king from WCIII
    Last I check wasn't his form a karge spirit like version surrounding his body while he got bigger..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirinya View Post
    Could be awesome too
    But putting the fact that Warrior is not a magic class and shouldn't/couldn't get something shiny and big, for a lvl 90 ability I hoped for something abit more I guess?
    Because when I use it I'm usually like " Oh here comes the pain " ' but animation wise it's like " I came here to fix the pluming... "
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    The ability is originally from WC3, the Mountain King's ability. And I can tell you this one (in WoW currently) is like 100 times lamer thant MK's in Wc3. What a fucking joke, blizz fix this asap!
    Bang bang

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    Wish it turned us into the Berserker model from D3!

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    When i first heard of the spell i thought we would transform in to a scrawny bald child with an arrow on his head. But alas, tis' not so.

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    Honestly, I don't find anything magical about turning into a huge hulk/colossus I see it more as having superpower/superstrength which is exactly what warriors are.

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