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    Been having a computer issue for a while, only happens in Warcraft...

    I bought my computer new about 6 months ago, its an Asus Republic of Gamers comp. Been having this issue since about a month after I bought it. Often while playing WoW (never had it while just browsing the internet) my computer keys behavior changes. When I push "M" to pull up my map it will say Music Enabled/Music Disabled. When I tab target, instead of targetting enemies like it should, it targets friends, pets allies, anyone good to me. I cant type in the chat box, when i type it just pastes something i posted hours earlier. When I tab out of Warcraft, my keyboard doesnt work at all. i cant type anything. Doesnt stop unless I restart my computer completely. Any Ideas? Also I had a suggestion from someone about deleting my WTF folder (which Ive had to do before) but for some reason it says i cant even though im the administrator. Thanks guys!

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    first two tings sound like your Ctrl button is stuck and the rest sounds like your drivers are messed up somehow
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    Sounds like something is wrong with your control key(s). Have you tried replacing your keyboard with another just to see if that changes anything?

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    No i sure havent, Im not super computer savvy lol. I wasnt sure where even to begin. My husband bought the same computer at the same time as me and he has never had this happen until just the other day. His has only done it once though.

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    Oh its a laptop as well if that makes a difference...

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    I guess i will look into the control button thing, i dont know how that could be the cause of so much trouble.

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    Sounds to me like you have a function key pressed that is causing the issue. You'll notice on the keyboard there are your usual numbers and letters in one color, then a separate, smaller icon on the same key that's a different color (usually it's blue or red). There should be an FN key somewhere on your keyboard. It is more than likely that this is set to on. Try pushing it once and giving the other keys a shot in game.

    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with this laptop, so it's possible the FN key doesn't toggle (on/off). If it doesn't, it will have to be a setting on the laptop itself that adjusts how this key functions.

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    I have to hold fn to use it, I don't think there is a toggle for its???

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