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    Question GameFly?

    Sorry to post such a silly thread, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere and figured someone here was bound to know.

    Do you have to be a member (pay the monthly fee) of GameFly in order to purchase and play games from their site?

    Do you have to use a launcher (like using Steam for Skyrim) to play games you buy from GameFly?

    Thanks. <3

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    First one is no since your not renting games and are just using them as a vendor for a licensed copy of a game. As for the 2nd one I have no idea if you have to authenticate the license through their launcher or not.

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    Thanks, that wasn't very clear. Didn't want to buy something and then not be able to play it without keeping up a membership. lol

    I read somewhere that they use Direct2Drive or something like that, but also say elsewhere that they had their own client.. so just looking for clarification on how much stuff I need in the background to run games bought through them. Steam isn't very intrusive, but I know some others can be.

    EDIT- Still trying to search on Google for answers, and despite this thread not even being 15 minutes old, it's already showing in the Google search results. That kinda surprised me.
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    yeah gamefly absorbed into their company so they could get in on the pc market.

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    I see.

    So, now if I can just get someone to say for sure if they require you to use the D2D client, Origin, or BobsBackgroundMemoryHog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoteric Kitty View Post

    Do you have to use a launcher (like using Steam for Skyrim) to play games you buy from GameFly?

    Thanks. <3
    Nope. The client is only needed to start the download. At least I believe so. Got The Witcher 2 from Gamefly and can still play it with the Client uninstalled.
    They are also giving away Bioshock 1 to anyone who got the client. Not sure if it already ended tough.,2817,2411912,00.asp

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    I was looking at getting Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning since it's on sale and I enjoyed the Demo, and since Steam hasn't offered it at a discount (would prefer to have it on Steam with the rest of my games) I was trying to find out for sure.

    Don't want to get stuck with any more extra programs that necessary, and I've heard horror stories about some of them like Origin and how it runs 24/7 and tracks Everything. -.-

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    Looks like it does require the use of Origin, and I've yet to see anything positive about Origin, so I guess I'll skip it. Thanks to those who assisted.

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