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    Haste calculated in simcraft.

    Hi guys

    I know this thread has possirbly been made 100 times, but here we go again.

    As affliction I used to go for 4717 haste and then mastery all the way, but after my latest upgrade my haste is at 2.14 whereas my mastery is at 1.96.

    So should I go for the 5260 haste or just leave it?

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    What give u 4717 haste, which dot have extra tick?

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    Close to cap, you go for it, otherwise mastery,

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    Use simcraft and reforgeplots to get your best DPS. From my experience haste is better than mastery. Shard generation is better and due to reduced GCD it plays much smoother.

    I beat Mr. Robots "optimized" build (5679 haste, 8,16% hit, 8319 mastery) with my build using reforge plots (7723 haste, 10.94% hit, 5330 mastery) by over 600 DPS.

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    how exactly does the reforge plot work?

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    Run at least 10000 iterations
    Go to -> Options -> Reforge Plots
    Start with reforge amount 5000, step amount 500 (ammount/step should not be higher than 20 or so or the graph won't show)
    Check "Plot reforge options for haste rating"
    Check "Plot reforge options for mastery rating"

    You get something like this (this was 2000 amount/200 step)

    0 in the middle is your current haste/mastery rating. Everything under the horizontal line is a DPS loss everything over it is a gain. Now just look where the highest peak is. It's at 1200 mastery to haste. So change gems, reforge, etc. to reduce your mastery by 1200 and add haste instead.

    Rerun and narrow the amount/step values and adjust gear setup until you get something like this.

    Hope this helps.
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    thx for the explain=)

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    Thank you for that

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