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    i am kinda new to the forum and i can't post links , i wanna know if with that gear i stick with arms or change to fury, i know the haste sucks but i reforged all of the haste that my gear has. if i would change to fury my off hand would be a 463 crit+exp axe, i had bad lucky on elegon

    i wanna know your opinion , thanks a lot
    my char is Us Goldrinn: Jacóó, and again thanks

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    Crit is the way to go m8, just make sure to get hit/exp cap and then stack and reforge hit for both Arms and Fury specc

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    Fury generally requires a higher level of gear to be effective, especially when it comes to weapons. I tried fury briefly but my dps was utter shit compared to what I was doing as Arms.

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