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    Quote Originally Posted by zorker View Post
    Nevertheless. Warrior AoE dps is insane. (Blood Thirst + Dragon Breath > Leap > Thunderclap >Revenge > Shield Slam (Cleave if possible))
    agreed. But I think you meen Bloodbath and Dragon Roar. and I would do BB+leap first, then DR. and my point still stands, that if DR would do threat, it would also resolve our aoe threat "lacking" (in comparison to the other tanks) at the beginning of a fight.

    so at the end of the day, it ultimately leads to the question: why the hell does DB not do any threat? it would be an insane synergy, BB+DR both have 1 min CD, so you always could use them simultaneously. which would be a huge deal in terms of both snap (DR) and continuous (BB) aoe threat....

    but since DR does not do any threat, this just doesnt work. and Shockwave is too weak to be a good burst threat ability (when competing to other tanks, of course.)

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    I'd definitely take Avatar over Bloodbath atm. Purely for the extra rage gain, which in turn gives more mitigation. However, with the Avatar nerf coming into play, that will most likely change.
    Which I still don't understand. Yes the snare/immobalisation immunity from Avatar is stupid in PvP and needs nerfing, but the rage gain? Meh. Ah well. At least we get 4 extra seconds on Avatar!...

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    you loose 20% extra rage with the nerf, but you gain 20% longer duration for the damage buff.
    sounds fair, imho.

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    Try heroic leap first, remember mobs get additional agro from the first thing that damages them (helps me compete against my co-tank in AoE.) Once you got Vengeance your AoE damage can get astronomical, and I'm not even using bloodbath. Don't worry about rage (with a good deal of mobs on you there will be no shortages of revenge.) Also remember that Ultimatum applies to cleave as well as heroic strike (I don't see it mentioned much.)

    For AoE abilities I prefer shockwave over the other two because shorter cooldowns mean more on demand threat (same reason I use storm bolt.)

    As far as mobility goes, we were unparalleled, but monks are superior in that capacity now (yes, I play both.)

    In damage mitigation; the building of rage and maximizing shield block/barrier uptime can get tight, but provides much smoother damage taken and (from all my healer sources) is pretty easy to heal. Paladins and DKs of course have much better self healing and endure through situations that I probably would've ran out of cooldowns in. (Edit: a little side note, Second Wind can give you a great deal of survivability that you wouldn't otherwise have, though it doesn't seem like much when I had it I might fall rapidly to 35% health but then I would hover there for awhile, and just seemed like trying to kill me in that last little bit was much harder for bosses to do especially with a cooldown active.)

    In raid viability; warriors bring some nice stuff to a raid. Safeguard is fantastic for helping your co-tank push through a difficult phase without a cooldown. Banners are great all around (extra cooldown, ranged persistent aoe taunt, increased crit damage for burn phases.) Rallying cry can save the raid (and has many times.)

    In summary: Great damage mitigation + excellent mobility, average to above average damage. Not the best in any single aspect but a great well-rounded toolkit.

    7 years of playing a Warrior and I'm not planing on changing any time soon (though to be fair, I do play Monk and DK in tanking roles and get almost as much enjoyment, and I did play a Paladin in a tanking role but found it a little bland.) My 2 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xebtria View Post
    I don't want to sound rude, but what exactly is an aoe spec for prot warriors? you either get shockwave or bladestorm, and either avatar or blood bath. the rest is completely irrelevant for aoe. Dragon Roar is nice for damage, but it does 0 threat, so it's out of the picture for tanks. as for glyphs, you can take death from above, but it is somewhat crap, since it has a minimum range. then there may be hold the line, but revenge itself is not really aoe. and that's basically it. as I said before, problem isn't the aoe dmg/threat once you HAVE it, problem is getting it in the first place, because we have no snap threat ability. DR would be one, if it would produce threat at all... but it doesn't.
    Well, more or less have been discussed already, but here goes my answer:

    Let’s separate the aoe then. For specced for AoE, I meant for sustained, I don’t see the need to spec for snap AoE threat. We are below monks, but I don’t think we are in a bad spot considering all for 5 classes, again, looking at Wind Lord logs (pd: Death from above it is perfectly usable, the minimum range is only an annoyance, not a problem. Leaping from one side to the other won’t make the mobs move in an annoying way for even your melees. Considering that’s the only AoE fight in there, take your pick for other glyphs, Resonating Power will free one GCD out of 12 to spam Revenges, Rude will give +8% damage while casters are up, Hold the Line excels, and HR doesn’t seem to fall behind, considering there is a one target phase after the AoE one. On talents, pick your choice. I’m fairly sure that BB+2-handed Bladestorms outdo Shockwave and DR, but there is a single target phase after that where those two will be better).

    For snap threat, I sincerely don’t have problems with BB, charge+leap, TC and whatever AoE talent you have in the moment. Let’s be honest, can a DK tank outaggro me if I’m lacking a couple of CDs? Sure they can. Can a dps do it? Nope, and I don’t find myself lacking tools as I see myself on no melee bosses (which I call the main weakness. You could say that there is only one boss like that, but there is too only one boss where you need to aggro a ton of mobs while your happy trigger dps are seeing their prepot tick down).

    If anything, not having a GTAoE is the main problem, and that I would call a weakness if there is a boss that need it again (like 1 tank Deathwing did). If we are put in a situation when we have to tank something and aggro adds at another point faster than the CD of Mocking Banner, we are SoL. Though the infinite taunts with 0 sec CD from Vigilance are there too, another godsend for your “I need to aggro >everything<” situations.

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    What about some good things? Why bring a warrior over any other? I know tanks are neck and neck atm but there must be something that makes em stand out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xebtria View Post
    you loose 20% extra rage with the nerf, but you gain 20% longer duration for the damage buff.
    sounds fair, imho.
    Pretty sure the rage gain is +30%. Which is HUGE especially come execute phase. Ah well, I'm having good times Bloodbath anyways!

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    Actually Bloodbath tops Avatar in any case regarding dps in the long run.
    You only want to pick Avatar for the rage gain and more sustained Shield Block + Barrier uptime...not sure if needed that much.

    The key on Bloodbath is to stack as much damage into the dot as possible to make it tick for insane amounts. Also Incite Glyph is a good option aswell since it lines perferctly with Bloodbath and Dragonbreath. Add a Devastate and you have 3 free Heroics/Cleaves + the normal heroic/cleave that actually get your rage from 100 to 0. Basically that allows you to use heroic/cleave on cooldown while affected by Bloodbath while keeping the default rotation. (Well of course only if you can spare not using SB in the time)
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